We are always excited to produce Commissioned and/or collaborative work. We'd be happy to work with you and explore your ideas to create work peculiar to your event. So... Lets Talk!

Here's some we created earlier!

Customs and Excess

Produced for Glastonbury Festival-Theatre and Circus fields. A mobile personal intrusion squad.


Wondertours is an umbrella under which we have co-created site specific performances with a pool of international artists. Under this umbrella, we have created unique performances for

Showzam festival - Blackpool, Sheffield - Festival of the Mind, Shrewsbury - Street Festival

London 1220 - 'Taking London back to the Dark Ages'

Created for Bath fringe festival in London Olympic year 2012.
Medieval sporting silliness.

"More fun than a bladder on a stick"

Crash Test Dummies

Created for Festival of Fools, Belfast.