Assume the discovery position!

They say laughter is the best medicine - which is lucky, because having been rebuffed by the local 'St John’s Ambulance' membership board yet driven by an overwhelming urge to ‘help’ people, our amateur medics John and Joan have formed a 'splinter group' and insist on giving up their spare time to patrolling festivals and events around the globe.

The 49th emergency service, after The Wool Shop.

A highly visual and interactive physical comedy walkabout, John and Joan are loveable, if accident-prone characters. Expect slapstick and chaotic playful improvisation. Suitable anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

p.s Multiple Joans available on request: there’s Joan, Joan, Joan, Big Bone Joan, Joan and Joan

Whoever happens to have a chance encounter with the St Joan’s Ambulance brigade on Saturday is guaranteed to leave in stitches!

Councillor Ismail Ibrahim

Executive Member for Development and Regeneration, Bolton.

The couple drew huge crowds as an alternative to everything else alternative

Glastonbury Arts Festival